About Me

I am a young mother of 2 boys. My first born was a natural birth, and my second was an emergency C-section. I am married to a wonderful man in the Air Force. I love trying new products and sharing the good ones with my friends. I am on a quest to be healthy and exorcise daily. I love wearing my children. I love finding new things to entertain my family. I am always trying new recipes, while staying at home to take care of my family. I have done a ton of modeling, both during pregnancy and non-pregnancy. I love walking the runway and reading books in the bath. I secretly enjoy when my husband goes on short business trips because I can get stuff done around the house. I am now a proud cloth diapering momma! I love Dominos pizza. I sometimes eat the same food for weeks on end..

Just started an online store! Its an Eco-friendly everything baby store, with cloth diapers and beyond!