Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Brainy Baby DVD review

I recently purchased the Brain Baby DVD "Right Brain" and "Left Brain". The videos are based on research in infant development. They use the findings about the tendency of one side of the brain to be more dominate than the other. They are supposed to help infants become "whole brain thinkers". They are each 45 minutes long. The "Brainy Baby" series has won many awards including the "Dr toys 10 best children's videos" and has been endorsed by Kids First!
With that being said, I popped the Right Brain DVD into the player and started to watch with my 6 month old baby Blake. There were a series of colors and sounds, that would flash on the screen. It seemed very A.D.D to me, but Blake cooed and seemed to really enjoy the music and colors. It played classical music and had a very straight forward narrative. Blake remained glued to the screen. So I took this as an opportunity to take a much-needed shower!

I am not sure if these DVDs are really going to make my baby smarter, or better able to use both sides of his brain, but if they can provide me 10 minutes of peace and quiet to wash the baby puke from my hair, I approve!

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