Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Baby carrier comparrison. Finding the right one for you.

Baby wearing is an easy way to bond with your baby. There are many benefits for both the baby and the parent/care provider. Babies who are carried often cry less than those who are not. Baby wearing offers an easy way to nurse your baby discreetly and on the go. When you wear your baby you can get exorcise, and have your hands free to do other things such as Dishes.

Belle is one of the only forward facing baby carriers, and it is defiantly the most comfortable! Also can be used as infant carrier.  Front carrier; rear or forward facing. Celebrity's such as Anjolina Jolie and Jessica Alba have been seen wearing the Belle Carrier. Ideal for babies from 8-30 Lbs.

Olives and Applesauce is the designer baby carrier. Comes in lots of fun and beautiful prints/colors. This is for the mom who has everything, its the most stylish and sleek carrier, and its extremely comfortable. Has an infant carrier attached that can be helpful in wearing baby on your back. Front or back carry. The sleeping hook can be tucked in to create a pocket to store your stuff. Has been tested from birth to around 30 Lbs.

New Boba 3G, has pockets, and a purse buckle to keep your bag from slipping off. This converts to be used as infant carrier, so you don't need to buy pricey add ons like some carriers. The Boba 3g is very comfortable. Front or back carry. Can be used from birth to about 45lbs. This is one of the most advanced baby carriers on the market today. This is a soft structured carrier.

Boba wrap is a baby wrap, one of the best on the market, it can be used on your baby from birth until around 18 months. This helps give your baby the in the womb feeling. Has a slight learning curve, but is well worth it the time. You can easily breast feed discreetly in this wrap too. Gives baby the snug in the womb/swaddled feeling.

Maya wrap is a  ring sling baby carrier. It is an easy alternative to structured baby carriers, and wraps. It is easy to use, and holds the baby snugly and closely to your body. This can be used from newborn to toddler stage.You need to be careful not to suffocate the baby by being aware of their position in the carrier at all times.

All of these and more can be purchased at Bums n' Beyond. Used the code: Save10 for 10% off. If you would like to come try the carriers out in person you may go to the store front: 1510 Mission Street. South Pasadena, Ca 91030.

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